Brain Tumors



Mean age is 45 years (peaks approx. 65 years). Women twice as likely as men to have diagnosis

Meningiomas originate from arachnoid cap cells located in the leptomeninges, are extra-axial (does not invade parenchyma) and typically benign

Common locations are cerebral convexities (44%. parasagittal, falx) and sphenoid ridge (12%)


Radiographic Studies for Meningioma


MRI, with and without Gadolinium: Utilizing images with both non contrast and  contrast will allow the clinician to wholly evaluate the lesion and surrounding edema.

Cat Scan: Useful to evaluate adjacent bone involvement of meningioma, also known as hyperostosis

Angiography: Not useful for evaluation of meningioma



I will flesh this section out with various meningiomas as the year progresses, based on our referrals and surgical consultations



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